Personalised Disney Princess Ultimate Collection


Ever wondered how many Disney Princesses there are in total? The answer is eleven.

And whilst each princess is different in their own unique way, they all share positive values of compassion, determination, strength and bravery.

These character traits are easily found in each of the princesses’ stories, which have now been amalgamated into this beautifully made hardback book.

This unique gift recounts every Disney Princess film in chronological order.

From the generous and kindly Snow White, to the courageous Merida in Brave, your favourite Disney Princess will never be further than a page turn away.

Each story is full of hope, and a little magic to inspire the next generation.

These strong female characters are proof that princesses should always dream BIG.

To add to the magic of this wonderful collection of stories, your loved one's name can be added to the header of each page, as well as adding their name and a personal message to the opening page.


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